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Professional Support

We are with you every step of the way.

We know your business and the challenges that you face every day, and believe you will find our personal service exactly what you need.

Our dedicated customer service team, along with our Manufacturer's Reps, has extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry which allows us to provide the service and support that you need.

We are here for one reason, and that is to help you grow your business and continue to be successful.

Premium Selection


With over 200 Manufacturers to draw from, Stohlman Automotive offers a single source to provide for all of your automotive related needs. Whether you are building a new shop, or adding on to an existing one, we can help from design to implementing the installation.

Perhaps you just need an everyday go-to supplier? We can provide everything from the lifts to the nuts and bolts. Safety needs, janitorial, tool and shop supplies are our everyday specialty.

You may order exactly what you need, with no minimums.

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Find out more about:
  • How we provide a personal approach to envisioning your workshop
  • how our industry experience provides you with unbeatable service
  • we can work with any budget to create a workshop fit for you!

Industry Knowledge


Although our company is 27 years old, we collectively bring hundreds of years of experience and knowledge to you, our customers.

We pride ourselves in studying the industry, finding the newest equipment and tools available.

We pass that knowledge to you quickly and seamlessly to help you keep your shop on the cutting edge of automotive service.

Mission Statement

  • To our customers: We will endeavor to provide quality service, depth of inventory and competitive pricing.
  • To our employees: We will provide a healthy and safe working environment and opportunity for growth.
  • To our community: We are committed to sharing with all, a continuing partnership of growth and prosperity.